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Guide to Join

  • A member on this site signify associations, the users of the member company belongs to the association.
  • Management innovation platform membership join is composed of an association join and member company join (belongs to association)
  • Association needs approval of the administrator after join a membership to use services.
  • Member company must be a member of joined associations to join Management innovation platform.

Membership join choice

※ To join as a association, please click Association Join button below.

※ If you join as an association, or a member company you can get a basic solutions and specialized solutions after approval of a Management innovation platform administrator.
    General company is not available to join a membership currently

Sign Up procedure

step01 Agree to Conditions of Use
  • The procedure to agree Conditions of Use of this site.
  • Perform the individual certification process on the stage of Conditions of Use agreement.
step02 Sign up Information
  • Users must check your company code to avoid duplication in the stage.
  • Check your company code to avoid duplication.
  • If your company is not a member ; Please perform a new member registration procedure.
step03 Enter business information
  • If your company does not join here , please move to the page where you can enter certificate number information of the companies to join a membership.
step04 Enter your information
  • If you move to the screen after you enter the company information : you will be considered to be a representative so enter the user information.
  • You can change the actual representative as a representative after the member registration is completed.
  • If your company is joined already in STEP02, ; go to the main page and enter the information as the company user.
step05 Complete join a membership
  • STEP01 ~ If you do all of the registration process ; the screen moves to the main page and the member registration will be completed.
  • If you obtain approval from senior administrator, it is available all the services of this site.